The public space is a site for recreation, play, unplanned encounters, knowledge exchange, witnessing diversity, bustling marketplaces, con, protests and strikes. Public spaces are the sites of organization as well as regulation. They are online and offline and at times in tandem with each other.

In the course of the pandemic, people have been forced to migrate to a “new normal” as physical public spaces became more restricted and online public space took new shapes. This hybridity of mediatic and physical makes the diversity of public spaces even more fractal, with pieces everywhere.

Public Domain.Garden invites you to this metaphoric hybrid public garden where we can together investigate and explore the meaning of public space for each of us individually and collectively.

The project is conceptualised and produced by Walkin Studios.

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Together with touch
  18th December 2021
  Show 1: 04.00pm IST
  Show 2: 06.30pm IST

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